Foundation Ambassadors

The Foundation is currently supported by 8 ambassadors, all of who provide their time around their careers and day to day lives.

As the charity starts to increase in size, there will be a requirement for further ambassadors, please get in touch vis the website if you wold like to be part of The Foundation.

Frank Bruno Profile Picture

Frank Bruno

Founder/Board Member

Frank Bruno MBE, former World Heavyweight Champion and Mental Health Ambassador. I have established this charity due to my own mental health difficulties and the effects of ill mental health I have seen in others. I want to help those who may not receive help through mainstream services.

Ricky Hatton FBF ammassador

Ricky Hatton

Ambassador since May 1999 

Tyson Fury The Frank Bruno Foundation Ambasador

Tyson Fury

Ambassador since April 2019 

Mike Bisping FBF ambassador

Mike Bisping

Ambassador since May 2019

Martin Ford Patron

Martin Ford

Ambassador since January 2020

Kerry Katona Frank Bruno Foundation

Kerry Katona

Ambassador since January 2020
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Antonella Brollini


Please welcome our new ambassador Antonella Brollini. Best known as Antonella The Uncensored Reviewer Nelly has a fantastic insight into mental health.Nelly is known for her brutal honesty & with her no holding back talk she will help to #knockoutStigma

Pharrel youth amassador Frank Bruno Foundation


Youth Ambassador 

Pharrel helped to pilot our first 12 week programme to give us feed back on what changes we should make. He was so impressed with with the programme that Pharrel wanted to continue to work with us.  Pharrel is now our young ambassador to be the voice of under 18s. We are extremely proud to have him helping to fight the stigma around mental ill health. Here is some feedback from Pharrel:
“I felt the programme gave me dedicated focus and kept me off the streets and stopped me getting involved in crime. I now listen more in school & Frank and his team gave  me inspiration to reach better goals in life and help others, I’m proud to be part of the Frank Bruno Foundation.“

Building Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds

- The Frank Bruno Foundation