Don't Suffer in Silence...

I’ve always had a problem from a child being bullied but struggled, through never telling anybody.  It was hard, I came from a large strong family, so I felt I had to cope with this on my own.  It was not until I found out years ago, I had cognitive behavioural problems for which I had therapy for . 

Last year I went through a period of feeling worthless, ugly and not looking at the world to be a good place to be.  I was not bothered about been here anymore, I struggled to cope and was in a horrible place.  I was in deep distress and I can’t explain why I cut my face open and had to go to hospital   I tried to tell people why I had self-harmed, but they did not seem to understand.  Why would somebody do that ?  I must be mad or crazy, which I’m not and never was, I was ill, I was a scared little girl again, I was so scared and upset.

I have been getting some help and I am doing well, some days my anxiety takes over, I have found something that takes my mind of stuff just for a while.  I go metal detecting as a hobby I’m out in open field away from all the stress of the world and my day goes by without any episodes.  I’m comfortable to share my story with you as I would like to tell people, please talk to somebody don’t suffer in silence you are not alone , help is there even if it’s just a little chat, or a hand to hold, never give up or give in

July 2019