Frank’s Blog

Frank’s Blog

Hi everyone, how are you doing?

It’s Frank…I’m new to this blogging malarkey just thought I would give it a go to keep you all updated on what the Foundation is doing. It could be a bit of a bob and a weave while I find my feet : ) but stay with me you never know what might happen.

I wanted to start my blogging journey by me telling you about The Frank Bruno Foundation which has been set up to work towards relieving the needs of those diagnosed with Mental Health conditions, by using structured non-contact boxing and wellbeing programmes to help with the development of self-confidence, self-worth and self-respect. It is still very very early days and funding is urgently required to be able to provide these services.

You would not believe how much work the Foundation volunteers have put in so far, there has been blood, sweat and tears shed but thankfully no knockouts… yet. I’m sure a few of my team have wanted to knock me out along the way “you know what I mean?” I am very very blessed to be surrounded by so many people who share my desire to change the way people approach and manage Mental Health. This campaign is very close to my heart, I will go the distance and give it the same determination as I did in my in my journey to becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

The Foundation has a long way to go, we need to raise funds to help with the purchase of equipment, rent premises and find the best coaches available. Please take a look at the donations page on the website to find out how you can get involved.

It’s wicked to have so many of you in my corner helping me with this campaign, together let’s #knockoutstigma. I love seeing so many of you liking and sharing the Foundation’s content on social media and I will always try where possible to respond and reply and I may even feature some of your questions in this blog over the coming weeks.

I’ll be back with the next round of blog shortly. So how did I do?

God bless

Frank x