Frank’s Blog – Round 3

Frank’s Blog – Round 3

How you doing?

What a busy week it has been with the added disruption of the snow, it’s been the final week of my book tour and I’m ready to kick back and relax and take things a bit easy for a bit.


Despite the snow the Foundation volunteers are still managing to keep things moving to make sure your questions are answered and fundraisers are supported.  We are receiving some wicked ideas for fundraising, details of these will be added to Twitter and Facebook when the event dates are set.  Do you have any ideas for fundraising? Please send these to and one of our volunteers will be in touch.


Terry is still keeping shtum on his 40 day silence, please support him and help raise funds to #knockoutstigma

Good luck to all the fighters taking part in the fundraising event tomorrow night (3rd March) a tribute in memory of Tyler Stevens who tragically passed away in 2017.  There is still time to donate, funds raised will be donated to the foundation,

I receive a lot of emails from my website link asking how you can get on to a programme being run by the Foundation, I am very very proud that my fight against mental health stigma is reaching so many of you and you want to try it, thank you to everyone who has contacted me.  The Foundation is still in the very early stages but we are nearly ready to try our first pilot; the location and details are being agreed soon.  Please keep checking the website, Facebook and Twitter pages for more information, the location of programmes will be updated when they are booked.

To all of you who have emailed me about your own or loved ones mental health challenges, I am humbled you have chosen to reach out to me at a time when life is really difficult.  My thoughts are with you, your families and friends as you pull together to get through this time.

Please remember you are not alone, there are helplines, groups and professionals to help you.  If you don’t know how to get help please visit the Foundations website: where you will find telephone numbers and website links.  Stay strong and keep fighting.

Have a great weekend whatever you are planning to do whilst the snow is with us.  Stay safe and keep warm.


Frank x