Referrals can be from family members, friends, professionals or self-referrals.

Referrals can be from family members, friends, professionals or self-referrals.

Welcome to The Frank Bruno Foundation

Welcome to The Frank Bruno Foundation

 The Frank Bruno Centre is now open!

We are pleased to announce that  The Frank Bruno Centre is now open and we are receiving “guests” on a weekly basis.  We are working in line with Covid guidance.  For Further information please email All appointments must be pre-booked we cannot admit anyone who comes to the centre without an appointment. Please note Frank Bruno is not based at the centre. Although Frank does attend occasionally, he is not at the centre daily. All enquiries concerning Frank for appearances or memorabilia please contact his management

We would like to re-emphasise that our thoughts are with everyone affected by Covid-19 at this time and wish everyone well.  Stay safe and respect social distancing

Building Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds

The Frank Bruno Foundation’s primary function is to provide a safe environment with the aim to improve the mental wellbeing of participants who are facing or recovering from mental ill health.

We will do this primarily through the delivery of our Round By Round 12 week wellbeing and non-contact boxing programme Complemented by a need led wrap around support service.

Our programme has been developed for anyone over the age of 13 years old with a considered early assessment led intervention from 10 years old. This is available for anyone residing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who has been referred by a professional body.

Our Mission...

The Frank Bruno Foundation exists to provide support and encouragement and the motivation to succeed for those facing and recovering from mental ill-health. By providing opportunities to participate in a wellbeing and non-contact boxing programme, supported by a need led wraparound service.

The Frank Bruno Foundation directly supports participants in building self-esteem, confidence, resilience and discipline and in applying such skills to their daily lives.             

We will continue to campaign to raise public awareness of mental ill health and how this can affect anyone at any time, we will also continue to campaign to knockout the stigma surrounding this by the use of our social media platforms and the charity ambassadors to encourage anyone facing mental ill health to talk openly and not to feel discriminated against. 

Frank's vision

Frank Bruno Profile Picture

The Frank Bruno Foundation is a direct result of Frank wanting to give something back to the community. Frank has faced challenges both in and out of the ring and has always done so with determination, dignity, humour and humility.

It is Frank’s bravery and honesty in talking about his battles with mental health issues, which continue to earn him the respect of those whose affection he won as a boxer. It is fitting then that supporting sufferers of mental ill-health is where Frank feels his attention is best focussed.

Frank has spoken openly of how exercise has played a vital role throughout his life whilst training as a professional boxer, and more recently in his battle with mental health challenges. Through his recent autobiography Frank has found the benefits of talking and sharing his experiences has not only enabled him to help others but the public responses have empowered him to accept his own previous mental health challenges.

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'Motto of life... You have to try to keep going.'

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