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Anyone can be affected by mental health issues

Despite a shift in attitudes over the last few years, there is still a strong stigma associated with mental ill health issues, many choose to believe it doesn’t exist, for some it is a taboo subject and can’t be spoken about, others find amusement in making hurtful and inappropriate comments. Speaking to someone about how you are feeling is often the first step to receiving the help you need, yet so many don’t or won’t talk because of brutal historic stigma associated with mental ill health. There are still too many that don’t have the knowledge to understand mental illness.

The #knockoutstigma campaign has been created following a recent survey completed on our social media pages which has worryingly highlighted 45% of people won’t talk about their mental health through fear of judgement. The aim of our campaign is to provide a platform for anyone who wants to encourage others to speak out about their experiences with mental health whether this be their own, a loved one or in their work.

We are going to go the distance, there is a lot of work to do changing people’s attitudes, we cannot give up, it is vital the stigma is reduced and eventually removed. An increased acceptance of talking about mental ill health will save lives. Reducing the stigma isn’t going to be easy and any progress made will be difficult to measure. Frank and the Foundation hope that by creating the #knockoutstigma platform it will provide a safe and encouraging environment to allow people to come together and share their thoughts and feelings.

Show compassion for anyone with mental illness

Talk openly about how you are feeling

Incite conversations

Generate awareness

Mental health is as important as physical health

Accept yourself

You are invited to send to The Foundation a short video (no longer than 1 minute) to encourage others to talk and share your positive experiences.

Together we can all play our part in the fight to #knockoutstigma

#KnockOutStigma Video Gallery