Send us your stories

We are inviting you to send in your story, in writing or in the form of a short video, poems, song lyrics, photos or drawings about your mental ill health.  We welcome open and honest stories from anyone who has experienced mental ill health either themselves or as a carer. #letsclearthecloud

Sharing stories and experiences encourages people to talk, raises awareness and will allow people to realise that they are not alone, whether you be a carer, sufferer, or even a mental health worker we encourage anyone who is affected by or suffers with mental ill-health to come forward and share their stories and by doing so we can help end the stigma.

Please note, the information sent to us will be used on our website and social media pages.  We aim to use as many of your stories as we can, however we will not use any video footage/written text that contains offensive language or gestures.  Dependant on the content of items received we may need to add trigger warnings to some.

Please send written stories via the form below or email them along with your videos and pictures to 'Your Stories' to info@thefrankbrunofoundation.co.uk

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