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September 2019


My story is I found out I was bipolar 7/8 years ago I went through an extremely bad marriage, there was a lot of domestic violence and a lot of mental abuse we were together for 11 years I’ve got three beautiful daughters 18, 15 and 13 I am a single mum I take a lot of medication I am now stable bipolar.

I thought I’d send you my story as I would like to help people like a friend does because the thing is with bipolar if you can do the head work with the medication it does work, I’m living proof I do take a lot of medication I do have a lot of illnesses not just bipolar, I have 12 illnesses; arthritis, mental health, diabetes and cholesterol problems. It’s nice to know that there’s something out there for people like me who have bipolar. I’ve had to help myself, it’s been hard but my girls were the things that made me come through it. Very proud of Frank Bruno for not being able to take medication and go through this without it, unfortunately the medication helped me but you had to do the head work as well.

Anon September 2019