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April 2019


I suffer with severe bipolar disorder. I have suffered for years and in my early life it just seemed to my family I was just emotional. As my life went on, I went through 4 traumas that progressed my illness and escalated my condition rapidly …an illness that was always there and my family ignored even after what happened to me. I don’t blame these 4 situations for my illness I believe I have always had this and the 4 situations that happened to me around the age of 12 was what fuelled my illness. As a bipolar sufferer you have triggers, I didn’t know this before I was diagnosed at 32 years of age. I have put my husband through so much that are only just starting to come through into my thoughts and memories. You see because I have this, I don’t remember what I’ve put my loved ones through all I could remember was what I was telling them and as far as I was concerned it was the truth. I’ve hurt people in ways I did not know I was capable of, been arrested and my mind only cleared when they questioned me. It’s like blinkers if that makes sense? You only get snap bits of what’s gone on, had it not been for my husband (as my family disowned me even after I was diagnosed) I would not be alive I promise that.