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July 2019

Poetry In Motion

I was always different growing up, some could ask me how but I didn’t have those answers. I started to develop panic attacks, from age seventeen, they then led into agoraphobia and I didn’t want to leave my house or nothing. All of a sudden one day the feelings stopped and I was back to living a normal life. Then again I fell back into the trap of having the same problems at the age of twenty one, twenty two/ I have now unfortunately developed anxiety again and agoraphobia, My verdict on this problem is this, we are not all the same and some go through things others don’t. I channelled my pain into writing, as I am a poet. I also channelled a lot into boxing and fitness. I have boxed since a young kid and it makes me feel good.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing and don’t get caught up in other peoples stuff. Avoid negativity, stick to good people and just try and stay, happy and active. I hope this story of mine can influence others, it shows that you can bounce back and we as humans are stronger physically and mentally, more than we could ever know.