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The Bipolar Kid by Kody Lincoln Martin

Published on 9th October 2013 Author House UK

From the very first sentence I was already whisked into Kody’s shoes, the thoughts inside his head and his family around him, he speaks in layman’s terms with no fancy long words to impress anyone, which gives a very honest and stripped back look into his character, not also to mention very endearing! This authenticity flows very naturally all the way right through to the end of the book. Even when I first saw the picture of him halfway through, I could not have matched a closer face to his writing! He speaks very openly about his struggles coming from a broken family, sexual abuse and being a sufferer of bipolar whilst making sense of the world along the way. He makes it clear he has not always been open about his struggles which gives an inspirational message to other sufferers out there, especially men that it is ok not to be ok and to speak up. The book ultimately shows that you can find light even in the very darkest of places. His work now helping the under privileged, minority and fellow sufferers of abuse only shows his genuine and sincere want to help give others the help and support he did not have. A true fighter!

21 April 2021