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The Boy between by Amanda and Josh Prowse

Review by Dave Davies

I get sent loads of mental health related books but this one stands out for me as a father who can actually put myself in the shoes of Amanda and her husband Simeon. The book cleverly tells the story of a young man who went to University coming from a “normal” and loving family who were proud and supporting of Josh. The book tells the story of how Josh “fell apart” with the 2 sides of each part of the story seen from Amanda’s eye and then Josh’s. I dislike the term “Could not put the book down” but this book certainly has the appeal to want to know what happens in the next chapter so I read many chapters for hours on end such was the compelling story I don’t want to giveaway the story but if it was fiction it would have been a great story the fact its true just makes it an amazing book and 1 I can only encourage you to read.  The fact the book has over 5000 reviews on Kindle and is now being used by medical professionals is small praise for such an excellent book.

Criticism –  I wish the story was longer.  Who would this appeal to?  Parents and teenagers who are going into further education. Anybody at university. Parents who are having communication problems with their offspring from teenage years onwards.