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Time to Talk by Alex Holmes

Published 1st April 2021 by Welbeck  Publishing

As I read the final page of Time to Talk and close the book, I really felt as though the author Alex Holmes was sitting next to me bringing the pages alive with an easy, honest and open conversation.

Alex has used his own experiences with mental health issues and the challenges that can come with being a man of colour growing up in London to create this honest and open book challenging the idealistic stereotype of the ‘macho’ man and all that is associated with the image.

The book is an easy but powerful read exploring why men feel they are unable to talk openly about how and what they are thinking and feeling. Time to talk manages to unravel, question, and debunk some of the myths surrounding masculinity so empowering the reader to know that it is ok to explore their own mental landscape and in doing so find their own identity, peace and contentment with who and where they really belong.

Throughout the book, there are plenty of tips and advice on how we can grow and evolve into a more positive form of masculinity

In a time when the suicide rate particularly amongst men is at its highest and mental ill health is fast becoming the new pandemic, we all could benefit from Alex’s wisdom and advice.

Well done Alex for having the courage to write this book which I know will create a safe and comfortable space for men to begin the journey of self-exploration!

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21 March 2021