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Who Cares by Sara Challice

Published by Hammersmith Health Books on the 8th June 2020

As the pandemic is still fresh in the memory, as is the rise in poor mental health, more of us have become carers. We want to be there for our loved ones but, due to the stress of caring, many of us end up falling mentally or physically unwell ourselves.

Sara Challice’s uplifting and pragmatic book for carers – whether you care for someone with a mental or physical condition –offers support, experience and simple psychology to help you look after your own mental and physical wellbeing.

Whatever your issue, there are countless short chapters, allowing you to dip in, when needed, to help improve your situation. This book helps give carers greater resilience, along with solutions, so they can overcome the many challenges caring can bring.

Although this book does not include a chapter on the pandemic, it does however offer support isolation – something most carers endure, and gives ideas on how we can connect in with love ones and find ways to enjoy every day.

You can purchase the book HERE.

4 March 2021