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October 2018

Severe Anxiety And Depression

I’m a 22 year old male. I have suffered from severe anxiety and depression since I was in school about 14, I see the world differently to others always have, feel different. I look into things. I tried to overdose at 16, it literally felt like there were demons inside me controlling my life, I felt so low. It affected my life, opportunities in my teen years and still is.

I’ve been involved with multiple counsellors, anxiety and depression places ever since (currently) I also started boxing at 17 to get my confidence up because going into adult life frightened me; it is truly an amazing sport.

However, I still struggle with everyday adult life I’m on tablets and can only work part time but I guess it helps. I urge people to try and talk to love ones and your GP there are people who will help or know someone who can in your situation. Let’s stick together!