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October 2018

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This is a story about my sister.

It started really when she was 11, getting bullied at school for being adopted, and back in 1982, there was no help for kids that were adopted, as it was classed as the norm, due to unmarried Mums, as it was such a shameful thing to be, hence why a lot of babes for adoption, and my Sis was one, at this time, I did not even know she existed?

She was bullied like mad, so she told me, called all sorts, and really felt pushed out.

By the time she was 14, or 15, then abused by a bunch of men, as I feel she believed they loved her?

She had to keep it secret, and a child having to deal with adult things happening to her.

So, I feel, and so does she, due to the trauma in her childhood mental health set in.

By the time she was 18, she had had a miscarriage, and was told, to get over it, as she was very young, and had plenty of time to become a Mum, and those words were from a Doctor.

She then took an over dose, and had to have her stomach pumped, but no help was offered, just told by a nurse she was a silly girl for trying to take her own life, and she was only 18.

She carried on, went onto starting a family, and then that prompted her to find her own, her blood family, as she felt that may help a lot, to get answers? It did a bit, but she was still suffering with depression, and only offered pills by the doctors, no support at all for all of her ghosts, and how to deal with them.

By the time she reached 33, she had had many failed relationships, and had moved home, about 22 times, as she was always running away from something, and felt a new home, new area would help?

She then had lost another baby, but this time at 6 weeks old, a little boy and had to have an emergency operation to remove her woman hood…no help for that, no counselling offered, and plus she had 4 children by then and they needed looking after, as physically she was not able to do anything for 6 to 8 weeks.

Her children were taken, and then the depression got worse.

She over dosed again, but this time, for real, her heart stopped several times, and once better admitted to a hospital, for the mentally unwell

She was told she had borderline personality disorder, and that was it, no support, or no explanation of what it even was, or meant?

She then carried on, met a violent man, and lived in fear for 3 yrs, and that caused her mental health of course to get worse.

By the end of this story, she is now 47, and still suffers alone No one has helped, or attempted too, even though she has begged for it.

Her last spell, was a few month ago, and she was admitted into hospital, due to her physical health, disclosed to a nurse, she did not care if she dies or lives, hence why she has a DNR on her medical records, as she does not want medicine to bring her back, if she starts to have a heart attack or something?

So, she was seen by a team, and promised she would be offered CBT, etc, and yet, nothing.

So, all these years she has battled alone, what a strong person in my mind.

Now that surely is someone that can inspire others, as she has proved, no matter what has been thrown at her, also with no help at all, she has carried on, for me, to tell the tale, of my sister.

Thank you for reading

I hope this small snippet may help others, to realise, no matter how hard life is, you have to just keep going, and you must shout loud and louder to get the help you need,, as you need not suffer as my sister has. You also must not feel alone, as there is help out there, its hard to get, but its there, and never feel ashamed of who you are.