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January 2019

Money Cannot Make You Happy

I am 47 yrs old, and due to coming from a family of wealth, it meant I was shoved aside by my Parents, Boarding school and being brought up by Nanny Johns…

It meant I felt very unloved, so depression set in at an early age.. Of course I was only about 10, so did not understand what I was experiencing.

It was when one was older, that I started to realize I was different from my chums, as they were happy and outgoing little souls, and yet I was very withdrawn

Once I got to around 18, I started wishing my life was over, so I took an overdose, and of course back then in the eighties mental health was not discussed, as you would be classed as somewhat mad, and locked away..

I was a total out cast towards my family, as course one did not fit in, and it was the good old stiff upper lip..

I left home, and lived on the streets, which was a very big shock, as one could imagine?

I ended up in a refuge, and sought the help I started medication, and got life back on track, but the anxiety, and depression just would not pass.

Now, in my late forties, I still have had no proper help, as the services are not that great, as I have been waiting a year just to see someone , to diagnose me properly.

I have read Doctor Frank Bruno’s book, and am now on the second round, as one feels you miss things the first time around, I must say it is excellent, and very inspirational. I feel it should be made available in all NHS waiting rooms, so one can get a small glimpse and be inspired, or cheered up even.

Thank you very much for reading this, and I do pray you use my small snippet of my struggles, in the hope it may just pull a cord with someone else…

The moral to this story is of this, money cannot make you happy, nor does it exclude you from getting mental health issues, as of course anyone can, and there never should be any feeling of shame